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Gallery Prints
All prints come with Biography and Certificate of Authenticity

New Releases

Mokuakaua Church
Mermaid & Nene
Kitty Lunacy
White Hybiscus I

Hulihee Palace
White Hybiscus II
Wo Tong Moo

Surf Hounds

Exsisting Releases

Po' Lo' Lu
Tide Pool Sunset II
Mermaid & Dolphins
Undersea Ohana
Shaved Ice

Ancient Mariner
Cat and Play Mouse
Cruise Day
Flower of Aloha I
Flowers of Aloha II
Flowers of Aloha III

Dreaming of an Hawaiian Garden
Getaway Geckos
Hybiscus Dance
Owl and Pussycat
Talk Story Turtle
Pony's Paradise
Card Sharks
Shipweck Bar
Pool Sharks
Hula Kittys
Hula Kittys II
Kitty Ohana
Hula Kitty III
Moonlight Hula
Trumpet Flower Kittys
Paniolo Kitty
Saffron Finch
Brazilian Cardinal
"Who let the pigs out?"
Ko Ko
Underseaa Curisoity
Undersea Curiosity II
Undersea Curiosity III
Singing Nightingales
Hobie Cats
Moonlight Serenade
Magic Sands
Kitty Honeymoon
Kitty Canoe Club
Moonlight Ukulele
Kailua-Kona Waterfront I
Kailua-Kona Waterfront II
A Cocker Spaniel Luau
Kitty Hale
Bow Wow Luau
Rainbow Luau
Hang Four
Kitty Quartet